Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Art of Green Eggs and Cheese

never underestimate a woman in heels.

never wear heels to a rally.

head, shoulder, heels and toes.

i cannot wrap my head around someone being called a heel.

especially when they are being an ass.

it can take time to heal your heel.

heal thyself with vodka.

behold the healing powers of a woman in heels.

i hate voting.

it's not that i don't have an opinion.

everyone knows i do.

it's the negative campaigning that i don't like.

which is weird, because normally i love a good bitch fight.

it is better to receive than give.

i got a catalog to give a goat.

i don't want to give a goat.

i don't know anything about the people who are taking the goat.

are they part of a goat fighting ring?

i have no way of knowing if i am perpetuating goat on goat violence.

as a humanitarian, i just can’t put myself in that position.

i’d send a cock, but what kind of message would that be sending?

this week in jenna theatre, jenna is at home when the phone rings for the 15th time that day.
jenna – hello?
woman – hi, i’m just calling to remind you to vote!
jenna– when?
woman – when what?
jenna – when should i vote?
woman – tomorrow.
jenna – i am really busy tomorrow, any chance we could move voting to friday?
woman – um, no, tomorrow is voting day.
jenna – how about thursday? i have thursday’s off.
woman – well, no, it’s tomorrow.
jenna – that’s so weird. why haven’t i heard anything about this?
woman – well, it’s been on the news and we’ve made several phone calls to this number.
jenna – this number? no way. i mean, i just wish there had been some kind of clue. something on tv maybe.
woman – um, well, there has been a lot of stuff on tv this year. it’s a big election for chicago.
jenna – it is? weird. just wish someone had said something. thank you.

if only there had been endless tv campaigns, newspaper campaigns and telephone campaigns, then i might have known….

yeah, i know i’m a bit of an ass sometimes…

or am i a heel?


blackstocks said...


Goat on goat violence cracked me up! For some reason the image of goats fighting is vary amusing to me.

Awesome blog oh tiny one! Did you remember to vote?

PunkRockRunner said...

Ass, cocks & a goat?

I got nuthin’


Jocelyn said...

Head shoulders heels and toes. lol
Hahaha about the photo call. We've only been hit over the head with stuff about the election. Way to be a heel. hehehe

deekin said...

Wait...there was an election?! I feel like an ass...or is it heel?

Lauren said...

I agree with Alex about the goat image. Voting is for people who think they can change the government...not for me. lol