Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Art of What the Hell Just Happened to My Computer?

it's not so much that i'm a cat person, it's that i'm an anti-human person.

who told you those pants looked good?

ignorance may not be bliss, but sometimes it's sure nice.

don't judge.

someone recently told me to get on the bandwagon.

seeing as there was neither a band nor a wagon, i politely declined.

i was also told to get on board.

where is this mystical board people want me to climb on?

in related news, you should not climb on your boss.

waiting for the late night train is like watching an episode of jerry springer.

my horoscope suggested that as a farmer, i should be prepared to fight the corporate invasion.

guess i should get on that?

sometimes it's a matter of making it to the cherry blossoms.

i give myself the benefit of the doubt when there is not benefit to be had.

it's easier to be talked out of something than to be talked into something.

if you have the choice, wear longer shorts.

you don't know how many times i've thought to myself, huh.

if you can embarrass yourself, you probably will.

if there is a curb, i will fall off it.

i have to admit, there is something nice about listening to hit songs played on the organ.

i can’t help but think of a little old church going lady, sitting there, squinting at music for “my humps.”

this week in jenna theatre, jenna is in a long line at a popular clothing store h&m. jenna is minding her own business when a guy from behind her decides to solicit jenna’s opinion.
guy - ohmygod do you like this shirt or does it just look like a giant curtain?
jenna - umm. it's kinda cute..
Guy - but?
jenna - maybe a little curtain like.
Guy - fuck
jenna - i mean it doesn't look like maria von trapp made it or anything...
guy - hmmm i don't know, i don't want people to be all, what is he wearing?
jenna - well, if you like it...
guy - fuck em?
jenna - you got it.

in honor of the guy walking around in a curtain shirt, i invite you all to say, fuck it and wear what you like.

but you can bet your ass i'm gunna have something to say about it.

don't worry, it's not like i know you.


blackstocks said...

Loved it!

Still can't believe the advice your horoscope gives you:
"my horoscope suggested that as a farmer, i should be prepared to fight the corporate invasion."

....but it's a horoscope and those are never wrong, right?

Great job tinyone! Can't wait for next week's edition.

Jocelyn said...

So true about curbs and you! guess I should return my curtain shirt...
Great job sister! Funny stuff :)

PunkRockRunner said...

I've always doubted the benefits of giving anyone the benefit of the doubt.

Love the organ music at the Ballparks. It's like they think a bad song will be made better if played on the organ. Everyone knows this only works if you add Cowbells. More cowbells...

Not to rain on your parade but it was Maria Augusta Kutschera who made the curtain clothing for the Von Trapp children. She did eventually marry Georg Ludwig Von Trapp and take his name but your time line is wrong.

Google makes me seem smarter and arrogant all at the same time. It's like magic :-)

Another Wednesday morning made better by Jenna.

Good day,

Punky 4:49

Michelle said...

I have a bandwagon, if you'd like to get on board!!!

And are you saying my shorts were too short last night???

Love it FRL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading your blog about 15 minutes too late, having already mounted my boss.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy the “Jenna Theatre” and this one is great. Funny how people ask for and accept the opinion of strangers on important life-death & fashion decisions. The other important insight: “you don't know how many times i've thought to myself, huh.” Huh? Very funny. Thanks for the Wednesday smile.

Lauren said...

Waiting for the late night train is definitely an adventure.
Everything does sound better with an organ!
I like the H&M conversation. I notice when I'm with you people are constantly trying to start conversations with us. Must be your magnetism! :)