Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Art of the Eh!

i am against watches.

however i do like time.

my life is in a constant state of termoil anyway.

you can hardly keep time with that.

i never know what time zone to be in.

i wish i could change time zones depending on how i felt that day.

sometimes, i’m really just in a california state of time.

i wouldn’t mind a california roll right about now.

i enjoy sushi, but i think it’s more for the chopsticks.

i wish i could be one of those cool sushi eaters, but the thought of eating anything raw just seems so wrong.

haven’t we come so far in technology that the need to eat raw food is unnecessary?

it’s like ordering a rare steak.

you know you pay the same amount, no matter how long it’s on the grill.

i think i should be a vegetarian again.

if only vegetables tasted like chicken.

this week in jenna theatre, jenna is at a farm in canada where chickens and a rooster are allowed to roam free. while on the way down to swim, the rooster starts to eye jenna up and down. jenna, armed with a white towel to show that she comes in peace, waves the towel at the rooster to scoot it away. the rooster begins its retreat and walks down the hill. jenna, satisfied that the rooster is away, turns around to walk up the hill towards her co-swimmer alex, when suddenly there is a loud noise and alex, moving into action with a shovel, yells at her to run. jenna begins to scream and deciding alex has provided good advice, begins to run, as she is now being chased by the rooster. the rooster manages to graze the back of her calf before alex can scare him off. no harm done, except for jenna’s pride. jenna believes that attacking her from behind instead of face on proves that the rooster is indeed chicken.


Blackstock said...

Nice job tiny one!! I especially loved the Jenna theater. I cannot believe that you were attacked by a chicken!! I mean a rooster! Or a rooster that is a chicken.

That is too funny.

PunkRockRunner said...

I’m having trouble believing that you, a city girl, would be on a farm, walking though chicken poop in order to swim in a pond only to be attacked by a rooster. My suspicions were confirmed when I copied this weeks Jenna Theater and submitted it to the “dream interpretation” class at the local college for a complete analysis. It’s the old classic “rooster chasing me from behind” dream and the entire class agreed you need help Jenna. The weird part, normally these dreams are exclusive to singers in boy bands and the clergy.

Well done.


Jocelyn said...

I am with you, eating raw just seems wrong! And only you would get chased by farm animals :)

Lauren said...

The rooster story is perfect for Jenna Theatre. :) By the way, any time I have an awkward moment, it's now called a "Jenna Theatre moment" in my head. Had a good one yesterday. Good job as always lady!