Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Art of Swimming with Bears

you ever find yourself thinking, i wonder what that would taste like dipped in chocolate?

i’m sensing a theme here.

themes are not to be confused with moods.

i’m moody.

i love it when you imply sex.

i love it when you imply chocolate.

i have a one track mind.

it just jumped the track.

track down the culprit. he has got to be around here somewhere.

with his track record and all.

i wish i could have been a tracking dog.

well, then i’d have to be a dog.

i don’t want to be a dog.

a tracking person?

are there still tracking people anymore, with gps and all that?

who knows, i get lost all the time.

this week in jenna theatre, while at the free lincoln park zoo in beautiful chicago, il, jenna walks up to the bear exhibit to look for the bears. a woman is there with her significant other.
woman – i don’t see the bear.
man – he’s right there.
woman – this is stupid, he’s not here, he’s like, hibernating or something.
man – they hibernate in the winter.
woman – well, i don’t see no bear.
man – i see him, he’s eating right in front of you.
woman – this zoo is a rip off.
man – it’s free…
woman – so they can just bring us here and show us where a bear would be if a bear was here?
man – but a bear is here, he’s right there.
woman – you always do this to me.
man – do what?
womna- lie to me.
man – about what?
woman – car payments, dinner, everything. now bears!
man – I don’t lie about bears…he’s right fucking there.
jenna – excuse me, would you mind taking my picture in front of the bear?

i do so love a good fight.

but even more so when it’s mine.


Lauren said...

Oh yes, I'm going to be the first one to comment today! I like it when chocolate and sex are implied also!! And I originally read your title as, "Swimming with Beers". Also a good concept. I think you could have been a tracking dog with your incredible sense of smell. But not a dog. A tracking human.

Jocelyn said...

I ALWAYS think about things dipped in chocolate! :) Oh man I am sad I missed the bear thing!! Great post sister! :)

PunkRockRunner said...

Is “themey” a word?

I understand how someone could imply sex but how would you imply chocolate? Maybe Pasties made out of Hershey Kisses? Yup, THAT would imply chocolate.

Was a time that I thought you were a real badass but a real badass would have had their picture taken NEXT to the bear. A bear with Hershey Kisses Pasties on his/her bear nipples. Maybe the bear was implied…

As always as awkward as it gets.


Blackstock said...

Hahaha. Short and but sweetly awkward! I love how the bear seemed like a metaphor for all that was wrong in their

Nice job oh mini one.

Michelle said...

I see the bear.

Anonymous said...

I laughed outloud at the punchline. So was there a bear there or wasn't there??!

Erica Sara said...

chocolate & sex are always implied. it's a given. a fact of life.

now i sort of want to go to the zoo. to see a bear.

Chanthana said...

The bear story is all kinds of hilarious!! "The bear is in front of you"... Jenna, this is brilliant!