Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Art of Awful Artwork

i have managed to sit backwards on the train twice, each time using different reasoning skills.

it stands to reason then, that the reason is my reasoning is flawed. but at one point it was correct.

just never in the way that made sense.

it is never velour track suit weather.

i can't think over your stuttering.

you have to fall down to stand up again.

if you're hot, it's not stalking.

don't make looking at leaves sound dirty, you leaf peepers. i feel dirty even writing it.

i like going on adventures as long as i know where i'm going.

it's just not as fun when the fortune cookie is correct.

i'll support your right for freedom of speech, if you'll support my right to ear plugs.

seriously, is your voice always like that? you might want to get that checked out.

i'm just sayin'.

i’m always just sayin’.

it is important to give as good as you get. otherwise, people might think you just don’t get it.

get lost?

stop asking so many questions. nobody thinks you are actually interested.

kick an ant.

(just not your aunt)

i need back-up cheese….STAT.

pick on someone your own size.

pick a side.

it's usually extra to sub a salad, instead of fries for a side. we don't want you to be healthy. it would make our choices seem wrong.

seeing balloons floating away in the sky makes me forlorn.

it’s a cliché because it’s true.

you take such good care of me. i'm hardly worth it.

i try not to get too attached to people, or things. they tend to break.

just because you don't understand me, doesn't make me wrong.

this week in jenna theatre, jenna is in the car with her friend x on the way to pick apples at an orchard. inspired by their plans, they have taken to discussing bad ass crops that they have seen in their travels.
x – in mississippi, i once went into a cotton field. it was pretty amazing to be surrounded by all that white.
jenna – that sounds awesome.
x –it was so soft, i was supprised how soft it was.
jenna - well, yes, it's cotton...cotton tends to be soft...
x – i thought had to weave it together.
jenna – yes, they do. then it's called a t-shirt...

yes, crops are bad ass.

there are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's incredible debt that you will be paying off for years.

sometimes there are no words. thank god for that…


Jocelyn said...

Damn it, so when do I wear my velour track suit?
i hate that term "leaf peepers" ew
I got your cheese!
Great blog sister! love you! :D

blackstocks said...

AHAHAHAHA....That last line made me laugh so hard that I almost choked! Too true....still laughing.

Another great bloggy. Love knowing that at some point on Wednesday I'm going to have a good belly laugh.

Keep it up tinyjenna!

PunkRockRunner said...

As I read this weeks blog post, two things became painfully clear.

One, I owe my Aunt an apology and two, you think I'm a stalker.

Actually, I'm kidding about the Aunt thing.

Good day,


Bill C. said...

I've reasoned that you have reasonably come to a reasonable conclusion.

naomi said...

"if you're hot, it's not stalking." one of the best quotes ever.

Anonymous said...

So, earplugs...that's why you don't hear me. I'm just sayin...

By the way, I met a lot of leaf peepers last week in w. NC.

Another good one. Josie

Meya said...

It's SOOO NOT stalking if the person is hot. Love your idea for Mastercard's new slogan...awesome!