Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Art of Being as Mature as a 4 Year Old

there are two kinds of people in the world, those who fart and those who lie about farting.

which one are you?

those who are tired live a much more interesting life.

i hate having to pay attention to things i have no interest in.

it takes to much of my time.

which is good on the days i have nothing to do.

there is never nothing to do.

never say never.


i love a good expression, even when it gets stuck in my teeth.

one of my favorite games on my phone is a tip calculator.

sometimes i wonder if i never called, would you still exist?

too deep for a wednesday?

this week in jenna theatre, jenna has arrived to her second week of school and is trying to get into get her id card.
lady - can you spell your name?
jenna - j-e-n-n-a
lady - hmmm
jenna - what?
lady - i'm not finding you. may i see your driver’s license?
jenna - uh, sure.
lady - you're not showing up. is this your first day?
jenna - no
lady - are you sure you're registered?
jenna - yes...and i've been billed a crap load of money too.
lady - hmmm. have you been to classes yet?
jenna - yes. last week, this week. i'm actually on break from class now.
lady - hmm. has anyone been able to find you?
jenna - find me where?
lady - at school?
jenna - i'm here now.
lady - i'm just not finding you. maybe you don't go here.
jenna - they found me to give me my upass, they found me to give me n email address and they found me to send me bills. i'm sure i go to school here.
lady - hmm, i'll give you an id for now, but i am going to investigate you further.
jenna - you really think i'd be going through all this drama to get an id here when i’m not a student?
lady - ok picture taken.
jenna - i wasn't even ready!
lady - here's your id and you're all set.
jenna - holy crap, this looks like lindsay lohan's mug shoot!
lady - have a nice day and good luck in "school"

hmmm indeed.

i wonder how long i should wait to try to get a replacement id...


Lauren said...

That is pretty deep for a Wednesday! I want to see your school ID picture now. :)

PunkRockRunner said...

Did you ever think that if you didn't call that maybe YOU don't exist?

I wonder what kind of school issues an identification card to someone who doesn't exist? First a school card, then a drivers licence then a passport & the next thing you know you're not the same person you were when you weren't.

Nice post "Jenna"